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Teletrol CEO Presents Building Operations Management Webcast Session Outlines Benefits of Open BACnet Protocol

Manchester, New Hampshire – Teletrol Systems Inc., the leading provider of IT-friendly energy management systems, today announced that its CEO, Andy McMillan, recently presented an educational Web seminar to over 700 building professionals. The 30-minute presentation titled, “BACnet in your future?” helps building and facilities managers understand the history and benefits of open building technologies. The event has been archived and is free and open to anyone who wants to better understand the role of BACnet in building management. To watch, please visit:

BACnet has become the preferred choice for integrating building systems, controlling energy costs, and future-proofing commercial and institutional facilities. This communications standard for building systems has the support of leading, worldwide manufacturers and the backing of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, & Air-conditioning Engineers as well as ISO, the international standards organization.

Andy McMillan’s presentation is part of a free 60-minute Webcast, through which facility professionals will discover how facilities around the globe — and right next door — are achieving unprecedented levels of energy efficiency and systems integration. Success stories will show you how easy it is to go “BACnet to the future.”
• The benefits of interoperability
• BACnet best practices
• The role of the facility executive in managing a BACnet-based system

The “BACnet in your future?” has been archived for future viewing. To view the Webcast, please visit:

About Teletrol Systems Inc. Teletrol is the leading supplier of IT-friendly energy management systems and building controls designed around BACnet, Internet and Information Technology standards. Teletrol solutions enable building owners and multi-site retailers to reduce energy consumption, improve occupant comfort and lower operating costs. Teletrol’s suite of software and hardware products enables building professionals to integrate, automate, and manage buildings easily and efficiently Teletrol Systems Inc. is privately held by Dean Kamen, entrepreneur, champion for science and technology, and inventor of the Segway™ HT, located in Manchester, New Hampshire. For more information, please visit

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