Solutions for Multi-Site Retailers

In addition to our market leading energy management hardware and software, our system is designed to be extensible so that additional standards-based components can be added to the system — quickly and easily.

Other Solutions

Throughout a typical day Philips Teletrol’s multi-site retail solution is quietly ensuring that heating, cooling, lighting and other energy-related systems in each store are operating as they should – optimizing the use of power to reduce costs, and allowing store managers and employees to focus on the customer experience to increase sales. Because this system is based upon IT standards such as BACnet and Web services, we can work with many other suppliers in the energy management ecosystem to bring even more power and control  to your Philips Teletrol system.

Philips Teletrol can assist with choice partners in…

  • Load Shedding Initiatives
  • Demand Response Programs
  • Facility Maintenance Management
  • Utility Bill Management

Philips Teletrol can have a customized and flexible energy management solution working for you within 30 days.