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The Philips Teletrol Energy Management System (EMS) is a complete energy management solution for multi-site retailers. Philips Teletrol’s EMS helps retailers reduce energy consumption by as much as 30% or more, optimize store operations, and provide detailed reporting for all aspects of store operations.The Philips Teletrol EMS solution enables centralized facility managers to monitor and control individual as well as entire networks of stores via a web browser—delivering cost¬effective capabilities for multi¬site retailers.

System Controller Overview

The central component of the Philips Teletrol energy management system is the store controller (eSC), which is installed in each store and integrated with your RTU (HVAC) systems, lighting contactors and other devices to provide a complete EMS solution customized to your store’s requirements. Individual store data from each store controller is sent to a single site server and displayed on customized web pages.These pages present a user¬friendly view of a single store or a series of stores to display energy usage, control schedules and status—giving multi¬site retailers unparalleled visibility and control over their stores.

Each store controller provides integral 10/100 Ethernet, supporting BACnet/IP and server communications. All store controllers support BACnet MS/TP via serial ports to integrate with other devices, such as: BacNET supported RTU’s and thermostats.

The Philips Teletrol Energy Management System (EMS) is designed to grow and expand as new capabilities become available to multi¬site retailers.


• Flexible control logic enables optimal energy management solutions
• IT friendly implementation including XML over HTTP
• Ethernet 10/100 LAN support across entire system
• BACnet/IP peer¬to¬peer data exchange capability
• Integrated BACnet MS/TP, RS485 and Modbus network support
• Remote update of control logic and firmware for any installed store installations

Flexible and expandable energy management focused on the needs of the retailer

The combination of features integrated within each store controller provides an ideal store control platform for managing multiple RTU units, lighting contractors and other equipment requiring consistent and reliable monitoring and control.

The Philips Teletrol Energy Management System (EMS) is designed to grow and expand as new capabilities become available to multi¬site retailers. Energy conservation programs provided by utilities companies, such as Demand Response and Time¬of¬Day Pricing can be optimally leveraged via the Philips Teletrol EMS to provide additional cost and energy savings.

Integration of PhilipsTeletrol’s Energy Management System

The Philips Teletrol EMS is a scalable system designed to optimize the potential of your existing IT infrastructure. Benefits of the system include:

• BACnet MS/TP subnet port designed to communicate with other unitary controllers, sensors and metering devices to monitor store status, providing up to date actionable information for optimal energy management strategies.
• Controller configuration data as well as point and alarm data is delivered using XML over HTTP, simplifying delivery of store data over virtually any corporate network.
• Delivered data to the centralized server is stored in an ODBC compliant SQL database, ensuring easy integration of data with other business operations and enterprise level intelligence systems.
• Web¬enabled graphical user interface, providing a rich array of data monitoring and control screens for monitoring and responding to near real¬time events in your stores.

The Philips Teletrol System Controller (eSC) is installed in each store and is shown in the illustration with typical connection configurations: