Information Technology

Leverage your investments

Unlike other EMS vendors, Philips Teletrol can prove to you that Energy Management Systems can be deployed quickly and easily, and will take advantage of your existing IT investments – saving you time and money.

Minimum IT Support – Maximum Gain

Information Technology teams can now become enablers of the industry’s most IT-friendly central energy management system, one that maximizes uptime in all stores and reduces energy spending substantially.

  • The right technology gives you that control.  With a Philips Teletrol energy management solution, you can control costs, staff time, and the integrity of your IT systems.
  • The technology is aligned with industry IT standards and infrastructure.
  • Your data is secure and complies with your existing policies and procedures.
  • Users can easily access data and run reports through their web browsers with little to no IT help or intervention
  • The investment is justified with quick payback and minimizes ongoing operating costs.
  • The system can be deployed quickly and easily.  You can have a flexible solution working for you within 30 days.

To learn more about how Philips Teletrol’s solutions help multi-site retailers better control their energy spending and store maintenance costs, please contact us.

Calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) with Philips Teletrol’s EMS

Philips can determine your potential energy savings and service cost avoidance savings to determine your payback and ROI with your customized Philips Teletrol EMS solution. We would use your organization’s real energy data to determine potential savings and help you estimate how much money your retail operations can save on energy with a customized Philips Teletrol EMS solution.

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