Financial Benefits of Automated Energy Management

Controlling energy and maintenance costs with an energy management system in your stores can save you 20% or more on your monthly energy costs.

Energy Management for Finance

A Philips Teletrol energy management system allows you to control your building’s energy management as easily as you can control a web browser. Our solutions encompass the needs of financial managers and planners.

The right energy management technology can also give your finance team visibility into store performance as it relates to downtime and energy use.  The more comfortable your stores, the better your customers’ shopping experiences, and the more they buy. Now is the time to implement a consistent energy management program throughout your network of stores.

If your stores are manually operated, or if they have programmable thermostats and time clocks, we have the tools that can show you your odds of winning – and exactly how much you will save! We can even provide an ROI analysis that graphs investment against your payback.  It’s likely that your stores would save 20% or more on energy costs with a Philips Teletrol solution.

Philips Teletrol’s solutions:

  • Can be deployed quickly and easily – 30 days or less.
  • Are reliable, easy to use, and provide fast response.
  • Give access to your stores’ vital energy management data right from your web browser.
  • Are flexible, scalable, and leverage your IT investments.
  • Receive far fewer complaints from your stores.
  • Reduce the number of emergency calls with more costly repair costs.
  • Reduce your store’s downtime.

Consumer awareness and preference for doing business with companies that demonstrate responsible energy use is rapidly rising. Although energy costs will continue to be volatile, the need to monitor, manage, and reduce energy costs will remain.

To learn more about how Philips Teletrol’s solutions help multi-site retailers better control their energy spending and store maintenance costs, please contact us.