Facility Management

Automated Energy Management for Facility Management Teams

As an innovator and leader in building automation technologies, Philips Teletrol understands that every customer has unique needs for managing their facilities. Our solutions enable facility management teams to take control of energy management and maintenance needs quickly and easily.

Technology for Facility Management

Effective energy management requires the right technologies to have a positive impact on costs, energy management emergencies, and customer comfort.  With a Philips Teletrol solution, you can control both costs and energy/maintenance emergencies. Philips Teletrol solutions are performance-driven and deliver:

Reliability, ease of use, and fast response

A system that instantly tells you when there’s a emerging problem in any store before it results in an outage or the need for an expensive on-site service call.  Central access to your stores’ vital energy management data on your web browser, desktop, or smart phone.  Flexibility and scalability through standardization.

Philips Teletrol will show you a level of control for your energy management systems you previously considered impossible. For example, the time it takes you to diagnose and fix a problem with your HVAC or lighting system can be reduced by 50% using our energy management solutions.

To learn more about how Philips Teletrol’s solutions help multi-site retailers better control their energy spending and store maintenance costs, please contact us.