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Media Alert: Philips Teletrol Updates Envoy Server to Improve Multi-Site Operations: Drastically Improves Speed and Flexibility of Multi-Site Retail Energy Management Controls

Philips Teletrol Updates Envoy Server to Improve Multi-Site Operations

Drastically Improves Speed and Flexibility of Multi-Site Retail Energy Management Controls

Manchester, New Hampshire - Philips Teletrol announced today that it has released an update to its Envoy Energy Management Server, the software that powers its market-leading energy management solutions for multi-site retailers and building owners and operators. The Envoy Energy Management server v5.4 offers numerous improvements that enable more control, improve performance and provide added energy savings for multi-site retail building owners and operators, including:

Expanded system availability of all operational components of the energy management system. Building owners now have 24/7/365 access to every component in every store location, empowering them to drill-down into trouble reports and equipment failures in the field. This includes the ability to add new retail locations without any system downtime.

Improved system modeling. Envoy’s intrinsic use of XML enables users to model all aspects of systems and stores. When updated, the XML store model is now dynamically installed into the system, avoiding any system downtime.

Improved communication. Other minor changes to Envoy included improved “drill down” capabilities from notification triggers to enable direct access to actionable data. This feature enhancement enables users to directly access this data for establishing trending data analyses and other user analytics.

Enhanced Alarm Data Access. Users can access individual store alarms and system notifications directly from alerts and other mechanisms. In addition, improvements to our alarm indexing strategy have proven to provide measurable performance improvement. This results in store personnel and operations management resolving issues in a timelier manner.

Improved efficiency of event delivery and notification. By employing a more pro-active network-balancing model, Envoy delivers system notifications more quickly and efficiently – greatly streamlining operations. The result is that overall network connection traffic has been reduced by 50%.

Andy McMillan, General Manager of Philips Teletrol and President of BACnet International, offered his perspective on the improvements to the Envoy Energy Management System, “The latest version of the Envoy Energy Management Server offers greater control for all building owners and operators – from those with a handful of facilities – to those with thousands.” He continued, “There is no better time for multi-site retailers to take advantage of the operational benefits and costs savings of enterprise energy management.”

Companies interested in learning more about the Philips Teletrol enterprise energy management solutions can get more information here.

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