Lighting Solutions for Multi-Site Retail

Get unparalleled control over your stores’ lighting systems. According to the Pew Center, lighting is the largest single user of energy in commercial and retail buildings, followed by space heating and space cooling. Reducing costs associated with lighting using Philips Teletrol’s energy management is a great place to start.

Lighting Solutions

Effective lighting control requires a holistic view. Would you like to build a consistent lighting strategy where you extend the life of your investment while reducing your reliance on store staff to manually adjust lighting as necessary?

By creating logical lighting zones that automatically change by pre-established time set points, store staff can focus on shopper comfort, and store operations can rest easy knowing that the store is using only the energy it needs – when it needs it.

    • Consistent use of lighting in all stores.
    • Ability to automate control over lights for shopper comfort and employee safety.
    • Proven to save time, money, and energy.
    • Provide support and solutions to address energy codes.


Philips Teletrol can have a customized and flexible energy management solution working for you in within 30 days.