Building Owners and Operators

Energy management for bank facilities

With hundreds or thousands of locations and facing financial pressure to contain costs, banking institutions can no longer rely on outdated energy management solutions. Philips Teletrol has extensive experience working with banks— including some of the largest in the country. Our energy management solutions can reduce facility energy costs by as much as 30% or more.

A new era requires new solutions

Turmoil in the financial marketplace has forced banks to adopt a more conservative, longterm, and balanced view of their business. Executives are refocusing on their core business principles. Bank executives understand that their viability is based upon the happiness of their customers, that their staff expertise and ability is critical to growth, and that conserving capital is a key to surviving in the future.

By reducing energy costs and providing enhanced and proactive facility management, banks can optimize comfort for customers and staff and preserve cash needed to grow the business. Having already helped many banks, Philips Teletrol has the experience and expertise to tackle the multisite energy management challenges of virtually any size financial institution.

Understanding and meeting banking’s unique needs

To ensure continuous and secure operations, it is increasingly important for banks to invest in a comprehensive energy management system (EMS). A modern EMS must not only guarantee secure control—it must also effectively manage facilities to lower operational costs. In addition, an EMS must be capable of integrating with a wide variety of other systems, devices, and software.

PhilipsTeletrol Energy Management solutions support the specific needs of bank facilities, including:

Varied hours of operation

Banks often change schedules, varying their hours of operation to meet local and regional needs. Philips supports that need with a flexible solution that can support changes in local stores to facilitate off-hour work schedules.

HVAC split systems

Many store locations leverage split HVAC systems to provide heating and cooling. By leveraging a centralized energy management system from Philips Teletrol, banks can better control and monitor each location’s split system and provide performance data, energy savings, and alert facility managers of potential equipment problems.

Access control

Philips Teletrol solutions can interface with most access controls systems so that when the facility schedule is overridden the lighting and HVAC systems are automatically activated. For example, when a cleaning crew needs extended hours the Philips Teletrol system could turn on only the lights required for that task and manage the HVAC system to ensure adequate ventilation with minimum energy use.

VariableAirVolume (VAV) integration and support

More sophisticated HVAC systems useVAV devices to maintain a constant and predetermined space temperature. Philips Teletrol integrates with and supports VAV systems, offering comprehensive monitoring and control benefits.

Service provider monitoring and support

Many bank stores rely upon external service providers for facility management. A Philips Teletrol Energy Management System can provide both the service provider and the bank with a single point of information for every store, including temperature set-points, and lighting schedules. At any time, authorized personnel can access the energy management system to determine what is happening in any store, provide alarm notifications and even dispatch service technicians if necessary.

Override capabilities at local stores

For many banks, overriding preset schedules can be difficult and time consuming. Rather than waiting for a response from an external facilities management group, users of Philips Teletrol Energy Management Systems can utilize an override button in their store office to extend hours.The system can also provide details on how often and when the override feature was used to help make better scheduling decisions for stores.

Security requirements

Banking stores have unique requirements for internal and external security. Nighttime lighting requirements for customer access areas, such as: outdoor ATMs, night drops, and drive-through banking must be supported. Philips Teletrol adheres to bank security policies and can automate monitoring and control for alarm notifications or any detected discrepancies.

The dollars and sense of energy management

Philips Teletrol offers a significantly more cost-effective solution than other energy management solutions.We can enable banking institutions of virtually any size to improve customer experience, enable support staff with flexible solutions, and better manage bank capital.

Please contact our solutions team to discuss an energy management solution for your banking facilities.