Building Owners and Operators

Technical Services

Philips Teletrol offers a full range of contract services to complement or augment the technical resources of building owners.

Philips Teletrol’s Technical Services

System Design Services

Having trouble staying ahead of your growing project list? Philips Teletrol will provide complete design services for your project. Provide us with your specifications or control requirements, and we will develop control sequence strategies, equipment schedules, and system drawings and schematics for your installation crew.

Programming Services

Programming is one of the most important elements of any automation project. Your company’s profitability hinges on whether or not your staff can effectively translate the project requirements and specifications into clean, executable code in a timely manner. But what happens when your top programmer has too much work already, is on vacation, or left to join a company? Technical Services will design and supply documented, tested, and proven code to help you get the job done on time, and to provide you with programming that you can use again on other projects.

On-Site Troubleshooting & Testing

Philips Teletrol provides commissioning, testing, and troubleshooting services to augment your company’s current staff. Technical Services is available to assist with your project challenges ranging from network troubleshooting and testing, using the latest technology, and program debugging and commissioning. Philips Teletrol’s Technical Services staff has many years of formal training and direct field experience and is readily available to provide your company with that extra resource to get the job done.

Graphic User Interface Development

A well-designed and functional graphical user interface makes the building manager’s life easier and presents the opportunity to project a positive, professional image of your company. But sometimes, like programming, you just don’t have the time or staff to get the job done. Technical Services has experienced, talented draftsmen and artists ready and equipped to build attractive, intuitive graphics and screens that will impress your customers and allow them to be more effective in their jobs.