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BACnet RTUs in retail — the best choice for savings

Aging rooftop units (RTUs) sit on the top of thousands of retail buildings. Many are nearing the end of their useful life, their service extended to 20 years or more during lean economic times. Most do not support the integrated, cost-efficient needs of modern retailers.

Improved efficiency today supports emerging needs of tomorrow BACnet (Building Automation and Control network) has been a proven solution with leading retailers as the best way to take complete control over their RTUs. Knowing this as a retailer, when you do need to consider installing or replacing RTUs in your stores, you’ll realize why choosing BACnet is the best choice. When you purchase a BACnet integrated RTU you not only see immediate savings, you also provide your energy management system with greater control of
your store operations.

BACnet is applicable to more than just RTUs:
• HVAC controls
• Lighting controls
• Refrigeration controls
• Utility metering interfaces
• Gas, water and electric equipment
• Stage limiting for demand response
• Access control and other equipment
• Smart elevators and escalators
• Alternative energy controls

RTU replacement is an opportunity

Retailers with multiple stores need to constantly improve the efficiency of their facilities, and optimizing HVAC/R, lighting, and other critical systems is key to a successful strategy. In the case of RTU retrofits and new purchases, essential needs can include:

  • Optimizing processes with remote control. Optimizing environmental set points, monitoring HVAC system health, and controlling energy use from a centralized location are not “nice to haves” anymore— they are required to manage and reduce operational costs.
  • Standardsbased systems. Global, industrywide standards form the foundation of a solution that enables retailers to choose bestofbreed products, utilize a single management point, and avoid vendor “lock in.”
  • Flexibility to meet evolving needs. Building Automation Systems (BAS) that control RTUs need to be capable of integrating evolving technology, such as wireless solutions, and meet future business needs, such as emerging certification and regulation requirements including Demand Response programs.

BACnetenabled products as a foundation for effective BAS

A key component of meeting the demands of modern, multisite retailers is BACnet. A data communication protocol for building automation and control networks, BACnet allows companies to invest in available products, realize tremendous operational gains, and be prepared for the future. BACnet is powerful because it:

  • Is a widelysupported global standard. Conceived in 1987, the BACnet protocol has been approved by ANSI, CEN, and the ISO. All of the major RTU vendors already deliver products that support BACnet, and more are introduced every year.
  • Enables multivendor solutions. With BACnet “baked into” so many products today, retailers can focus on choosing solutions that make the most sense for their stores and their management processes, without worrying about supporting multiple, proprietary networks and protocols, or having to abandon a solution as technology or business demands change.

Immediate and future payback

Some of the benefits of investing in BACnetenabled solutions include:

  • Energy savings. BACnet enables HVAC/R products and other components to be directly linked to an energy management system (EMS), enabling retailers to monitor and control energy consumption on a perRTU/perstore, and allstore basis.
  • Maintenance savings. Constant monitoring of RTUs facilitates proactive service and early discovery of alarm conditions or failing systems. Maintenance costs can then be more effectively managed and controlled.
  • Regulatory Requirements and Compliance. BACnet integrated systems can serve to support utility or federal regulatory requirements such as Automated Demand Response (ADR) as well as help drive LEEDs and other programs that support your business initiatives.

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