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For over 30 years, Philips Teletrol facility management systems have long set the standard for the practical integration of building automation with information systems and networks. Our design philosophy, product reliability, and real-world approach to building automation solutions have enabled our customers to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

Equally important in achieving those results is solid customer support. Philips Teletrol maintains a highly experienced support team committed to the success of our customers and partners.

As a leading proponent of open systems for facility management, Philips Teletrol plays an active role in key industry groups to help set the standards of tomorrow. Philips Teletrol is a member of the BACnet Manufacturers Association™ and is a Microsoft Certified Partner™. Philips Teletrol is also ISO 9001:2008 certified for its internal quality system.

Teletrol was acquired by Philips in July of 2009 and is now part of Philips Lighting. Philips Teletrol is a leading supplier of IT-friendly energy management systems and building controls designed around BACnet, Internet and Information Technology standards. Philips Teletrol solutions enable building owners to reduce energy consumption, improve occupant comfort and lower operating costs with a suite of software and hardware products enabling building professionals to integrate, automate, and manage buildings easily and efficiently. Prior to the acquisition, Teletrol was privately held by Dean Kamen, entrepreneur, champion for science and technology, and inventor of the Segway™.


Philips Teletrol is committed to building value for its customers through purposeful technology innovation combined with dedicated customer service. At Philips Teletrol, we recognize that technology is only valuable when we embed it in solutions that make your business more capable, more competitive and more profitable. That’s why we focus on providing our customers with creative, standards-based solutions that provide reliable, comprehensive control of energy and comfort systems in individual buildings, campus environments and multi-site applications.